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All seen

Greetings. So you want to add something horrifying to this wiki.
Well you can, just follow these rules here:


  • Troll stories (or Pastas) of any kind are strictly forbidden.
  • Before writing an article, make sure, that this pasta does not exist yet (maybe under a different name?). Check spelling or categories. If you find nothing, you can write it. If the title is already in use, THINK OF A DIFFERENT TITLE. Adding periods or similar fixtures to the title to make it count will make your pasta be deleted.
  • No undercooked pastas. If a story is not yet finished, do not post it here please. This is not optional, save a few.
  • Images are also fine when they are weird, creepy, or just atmospheric in general. Off-Topic images are only allowed for user-pages.
  • Please give credit to your submissions, when you know it. If you are going to be making an story of any kind, please read the Quality Standards first.

Please obey the rules. Trolls will be banned.

DO NOT ADD NEW CATEGORIES WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF AN ADMINISTRATOR. Doing so may lead to the revocation of editing privileges. That means a ban.
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